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Toria Olive Wool & Viscose Rug

Toria Olive Wool & Viscose Rug

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Unveil the captivating beauty of the Toria rug collection, where luxurious textures meet timeless elegance. Hand-tufted in India, these rugs transcend the ordinary with a unique blend of New Zealand wool and viscose, also known as "artisan's silk." The viscose creates a mesmerizing effect, where light dances across the surface, producing an almost iridescent shimmer.

Inspired by the intricate patterns of fine bone inlay furniture, the Toria collection boasts a captivating play of light. Each rug is a work of art, offering a touch of sophistication and elevating any space with its luxurious texture.

  • Construction: Hand tufted
  • Material: Wool and Viscose
  • Origin: Made in India

Product Care

Ensure to attend to spills immediately to minimise the chance of staining. Do not rub the spill. Instead, blot any liquids with a dry, absorbent, white cloth, or white paper towel.

A mild detergent and lukewarm water may need to be used. For any hasher spills, please seek specialist advice.

Professionally clean the rug every 6 – 12 months as well as rotate its position in the space.

Important Tip:

We recommend an anti-slip pad such as RugStop. This is used underneath rugs to prevent slippage between the rug and the surface it is placed on.

Product Disclaimer

Please Note:  Due to the difference in monitor colours, some rug colours may vary. We try our best to represent all rug colours accurately, but cannot take responsibility.

We try to be as accurate with sizing as possible, but there may be variations within +/-5% of sizing. (Up to 10% for our handmade items, and our folded rug collections)

Some of our Rugs are hand-made from durable natural fibres - like wool - The imperfections seen within are features of these rugs. This includes sprouting yarns (where the weaving processes start and finish), colour variations, foreign material (Used in the Warp and the weft), and other characteristics which may appear as defects but are signs these rugs were made with care. Natural fibre rugs do shed, we recommend a gentle Vacuum with no brush or rotating head to clean.

Wool, sheepskin, and other animal-based fibres are subject to odours. The odours are a part of the nature of the rug. Please allow the rug to be aired out, or seek professional advice if not subsiding.

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